Plumbing Upgrades You Should Try

Do you know you could literally be flushing money down the drain if you are yet to upgrade your plumbing system in some time? Anyway, there are so many things available to do to be in control of your plumbing costs. It doesn’t end at saving money on water bills alone, but you also get to add more value to your home. If you’ve grown tired of excessive wastage of water in your home, give these plumbing upgrades a try.

  • Buy a New Water Heater

Spending money on traditional water heaters is a waste of money. They cause hot water to just sit in pipes unused till it cools. That is, you’ll have to run the water till it’s hot, which results in extra wastage. So, opt for water heaters with a pump that delivers on demand. These types don’t waste as much energy as the traditional type and you won’t need to run water for like 10 minutes just to get hot water.

  • Switch to Low Flow

Except you are the type that can’t do without a high-pressure shower, you get to save more by using low flow fixtures. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, various options are available today. However, some of these options require so much initial investment but you’ll enjoy the benefits after some time.

  • Take Care of Your Pipes

Whether you are currently building a new home or you just purchased an older home, most pipes aren’t insulated properly and this causes loss of heat, which makes water heater work overtime and leads to excess waste of water. If you insulate the pipes, you have tackled any kind of heat loss, especially when winter approaches. It’s also ideal to call a technician to inspect your pipes for leaks.

If your home is at least 40 years old, you might want to consider replacing the existing pipes. Many of the pipes in houses this old are made of galvanized steel, and this is susceptible to corrosion which causes the pipes to clog frequently.

  • Recycle Your Water

One of the best things to spend your money on during a plumbing upgrade is to purchase a “greywater or gray water” recycling system. A greywater system takes water from the faucets, showers, and other fixtures (except the toilet) then pumps them into the garden or fills a reservoir. Since the water isn’t coming from the toilet, you shouldn’t worry yourself about contamination. This recycling method is a time and money saver. If you can’t afford this, you purchase a rainwater barrel from a home improvement store in your vicinity, and use the water for your garden or yard.

Have a Family Discussion

Though, this isn’t an upgrade for your plumbing system but it’s quite necessary, especially if you have kids in your home. Tell them about the importance of conserving water. If you do this, you have given them a sense of responsibility and they can be held accountable for wasting water.

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