Five Myths About Water and Flood Damage and Facts about It

If someone asks you if your house is at risk of flooding, it’s likely your answer will be no. That’s exactly what many homeowners tend to believe about their houses. What you don’t know is that flooding or rather water damage is a common cause of property damage in the country. Many parts of the United States often experience spring thaws which end up in floods. The first misconception you should, therefore, stop believing is that water damage is uncommon.

Some owners have certain beliefs or rather misconception about water damage restoration as a result of a remediation work that wasn’t done properly by a given company. Whenever you’re faced with water damage or flooding, you need to take proper restoration measures to prevent further damage and make your home safe again. Here are common water damage myths.

Water Damage and Flood Restoration is a DIY Job

Well, many homeowners get used to handling their own repairs that it becomes normal to handle any task at hand, regardless of its complexity. While it’s possible to walk to a nearby store and rent flood damage cleanup equipment, understand that this is a task that requires a professional touch. Water damage restoration companies not only have remediation experts but also have access to specialized, high-power equipment that can be used for water removal. The professionals also have a deep understanding of the best remediation methods.

Cleaning up is a Lengthy Process

Well, if you belong to the group of homeowners who think that cleaning up after water damage is a lengthy process, it’s time to learn the truth. When you hire a professional water damage troy remediation company, the experts will strategically plan on how to effectively clean up your home and ensure the damaged areas are restored within a relatively short time. With their fast response times and modern equipment, professionals will complete the water removal and restoration process within a few days.

Mold Takes Longer to Grow

The assumption that mold will take longer to grow in a moist environment is wrong. Any amount of moisture or standing water in your home will encourage mold growth. Note that this takes as little as two days after water damage or flooding occurs. Mold growth not only affects the air quality in your home but can impact the health of your family as well. In addition to taking the necessary preventive measures, it’s crucial that you hire a professional for immediate mold cleanup after flooding occurs.

Bleach Kills Mold

Those who attempt DIY restoration assume that by using bleach, they will get rid of any mold in their home. Well, this is wrong since bleach can only get rid of the stains. It’s important to note that bleach is not safe for use as well. If you want to deal with mold growth effectively, turn to professional mold cleanup experts who will not only remove the mold but also prevent them from developing and spreading in your home.

I should contact my Insurance Company First

While this statement holds some truth in it, it’s important to note that you need to deal with the standing water within the shortest time possible to prevent secondary damage. Remember you cannot determine the extent of the flooding or water damage before hiring a water damage restoration contractor to assess the area. It, therefore, makes sense to take care of the affected area first before contacting your insurance company. You don’t want to cause delays in the water removal and cleanup process.

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