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I was really impressed by the size of the plants. thank you so much. Now if I can just get them planted and pray no more freezes here. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. Gloria T.

The daylilies arrived this afternoon and are now carefully nestled in our flower beds. I am so extraordinarily please with these plants. You shipped wonderful plants. They are the best daylily plants that I have ever received; so healthy, so robust and you have been most generous in sending such large size plants. I can't believe how large these terrific plants are. And, the untold work that you have put into your daylilies. Wow!!! You are truly devoted to the propagation of hemerocallis. Thank you and best wishes for a great year. Pel

I just wanted to let you know I got the daylilies and they were magnificent!! Huge and wonderful! Susan C.

I received my daylily order today, with the bonus plant, and wanted to say - WOW! The size of the plants you sent are much bigger than what I received with a previous order I placed with a different company. The bonus is a welcome surprise. I've already looked it up on AHS and think it was a very thoughtful and beautiful gift. Hilary T.

Received your shipment yesterday afternoon. WOW! I think I would have to say your daylilies are the biggest and best root systems I have ever got in an order. Yours are XXL compared to the XSmall I have received from other growers. Glad I found you. If you ever want a letter of recommendation from a satisfied and impressed costumer, I'd be glad to vouch for you! Rose P.

The plants arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for the generous quantities you sent. I was very pleased with the selections you sent for AHS voucher and bonus plants, and am looking forward to seeing them bloom. Mack G.

Well, gosh Robin !
I just received my daylilies !!! why, thank You !! very much, HUGE puppies , and my bonus Redcoats are coming ! thank YOU !! Just have to say, sorry for changing my mind with some of them, but I am very HAPPY !! Whatever it is your doing, it works. Olga R.

The Daylilies arrived right on time Monday (yesterday) they are WONDERFUL. You are too generous. I really appreciate the quality and the extra. thanks from the bottom of my heart (and my shovel!) Diane L.

Hello again. I just wanted to let you know again how pleased I was with the beautiful lilies from your nursery. Despite the travails of mailing and transplantation (late in some cases, my fault) a number of these troupers succeeded in blooming and they were BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait till next year (and the year after that, and the year after that....) . You really gave me great value for the expenditure, and I am genuinely grateful. I will recommend you to anyone I find with an interest in daylilies. You are the best! I wish you continued success and beauty. I will think of you next summer when the lovelies return. Thanks again---Diane L.

Your web site states that we should contact you promptly if we're not satisfied with our order. Well......... I never have been that good about following directions, so instead, I'm writing late, to tell you that we are as happy as a couple of clams with the order you just sent us. You shipped it exactly when you said you would, and it arrive perfectly packaged. We received it Tuesday and put them in the ground that same evening, all looks good. We were very happy both with the huge size of the plants as well as the top notch condition. And I also want to thank you for the bonus plant It should be a perfect compliment to the others. Scotty M.

My order arrived today and it's wonderful as always. You're the best. Kathy R.

We received our plants today. They are awesome. You are by far the best person we have bought from through the mail. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much, we are very happy with our order.
Lynn E.

The daylilies all arrived today, hurray. I haven't even unpacked them all, only some from the tops of both boxes. The quality is top notch. Lovely plants. I honestly don't know how you do it for the rock bottom prices that you charge. Plus the postage alone for those two boxes was a fortune and I don't think you charged anywhere near that for shipping. Rita S.

Everything was in good shape and quality. Plants are much better than from other places
Special thank for your nice approach to customers.
Piotr K

I wanted to let you know I received my daylilies. They are gorgeous. They are the biggest and best looking ones I've ever ordered. And with so many fans. Some places send only 1 to 2 fans. Linda A.

Thank you Robin! They were absolutely gorgeous plants. Even my Mom was impressed. I will be buying from you again! Dani C.

What a great order of daylilies. I'm really pleased with them, big, and surely will bloom this Summer. Danny V.

When I received the plants, I was wishing I had ordered one of everything that you had listed! Your plants are terrific! Pam B.

I have never received such a beautiful shipment of plants, generous fans and outstanding gifts. Kathryn Y.

They are the LARGEST, MOST HEALTHY FANS I have ever received! Must be your great Kansas soil- I am going to have to work on my soil more to achieve the size that these are!! Lorraine T.

WOW!!! So many fans and a bonus plant too! And I love, love, love the bonus plant you sent . Joy
Oh thank you, thank you! It's like Christmas opening a box of daylilies, isn't it? What clumps they are too!! I could not have asked for better plants ---no, clumps, than were delivered. Adele K.

I just was left speechless when I arrived home Friday to find a massive (and I do mean massive) box of daylilies from you. Pat B.

Robin, the daylilies were delivered last week and I've got to say they were the biggest things I have ever seen!!!! I couldn't wait to get them in the ground and they look like they will dwarf all of the other daylilies I've planted so far. Far superior quality, and again the biggest & best I've ever seen. Melonie F.

We just received our order from Earlybird Daylilies. Robin Calderon sent us exquisite plants. Generous, healthy, very well grown. David K

Hi, Robin, I received all the new "babies" yesterday, and they look awesome! Linda K.

Wow! I've bought lots of daylilies, but these are by far the nicest divisions I've ever received. They are beautiful! Anita l.

I was really impressed with the health and vigor of the daylilies I just received . The packaging was expert and the size of the shipment was generous . The extra pink daylilies you sent as a bonus were exceptional.
Diana B.

My order arrived today. You have outdone yourself yet again!  Thank You so much, you never disappoint me ........... in fact you make my day. Kathy R.

You give more than what is expected of a plant order. Oh You don't know how you made my day when I saw the gift plant you sent me. I have been wanting Wigged out for some time now! Pat

I received the plants today. You have out done yourself! I had only expected a dbl fan not a clump & another bonus! They looked like you dug & mailed them this morning, totally green! Thanks so much. Beth R.

My husband called me on my cell phone this afternoon to tell me that your plants had arrived and that they were the nicest plants we have ever received....."I won't tell you any more so you can be surprised.", he said. What is your secret to getting plants look so good after two days in a box? But Robin, someone failed to teach you over the years how to count. The only double fan in the whole huge box was the gift plant. Lynn L.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the daylilies. They arrived in perfect order and boy you sure go over board with double fans. Pat B.

Received my order today - OMG!! I'm so impressed! You definitely will have my repeat business next Spring. Thanks again for the super daylilies and the excellent customer service and communication! Tracy R.

Just a few minutes ago I received your package. I thought, why was it so big? Well I found out. WOW what a surprise to get 7 fans. This looks as if it came from down South, Florida or Alabama. Gary M.

Rec'd my order today, and I am in Love!!! Just like Christmas in MAY!! What lovely plants you sent me, and I will certainly be ordering from you again. Kitty G.

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