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What began as a simple interest in pretty flowers soon blossomed into a full-blown daylily addiction. So I began selling extras to finance the purchase of more. I have met many new wonderful friends through daylilies and you will too. After all, "you come for the daylilies and stay for the people."

we send strong plants
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We are located in far western Kansas, about one hour's drive from the Colorado line and one and a half hours from Oklahoma. Officially we are in USDA zone 5. However, the weather here is ever-changing, totally unpredictable, and HARSH! We often have summer temperatures over 100F with 30mph+ winds, the occasional thunderstorm with wind gusts to 80mph or more, and the bane of gardeners & farmers- HAIL. Winters are usually dry and open (no snow cover), with nigh-time temps well below freezing (sometimes below zero) and daytime temps in the 60's. We do have the most beautiful spring season, even if it only lasts a week or two! With all these extremes in weather, daylilies that thrive here have to be REALLY hardy. No prissy greenhouse grown, raised bed coddled prima donnas here- it's get tough or die!

All our plants are field-grown in full sun with no wind protection. In the summer of 2005, I moved the entire collection to a new location with wonderful, rich, loamy soil. This is the best soil I have ever had the pleasure to work and the daylilies are LOVING it!

The big, strong, healthy plants I ship are due entirely to the soil, as I grow them as Nature intended- no extra fertilizers needed. I try to garden as environmentally-friendly as I can, so I do not use any pesticides and use as little weed killer as possible. Mostly I rely on the "Santa Clause method'- hoe, hoe, hoe.

I am very proud of the plants I send, and if there are ever any problems I will work with you to correct them. I want you to be happy! Visitors are always welcome, a call ahead will ensure I will be there to greet you & show you around.

Earlybird Daylilies was established in 1995. I take great pride in providing customers with the strongest, healthiest plants available. I sell only daylilies that are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society. Beware of companies that sell daylilies that are NOT registered with the AHS, as those plants may not be what you think you are buying. For more information on the AHS, visit http://www.daylilies.org. To find the registration information of a daylily go here: http://www.daylilydatabase.org and type in the plant's name.

I have long admired the work of Frank Kropf of Missouri. He is the king of the layered doubles! I have put together a collection of all of the daylilies he introduced along with several of his select seedlings. Several of these seedlings will be introduced in the future, and I will continue to work with his lines in his honor. I have shipped his plants to the far corners of the USA and they are performing well everywhere.

The severe drought here in western Kansas continues. I plan to sell everything except a handful of sentimental favorites and my seedlings. When and if the drought breaks, I will attempt a comeback. In the meantime, I have to drastically reduce the size of the garden. While some of these plants have only been here one or two seasons, these past two seasons have been the worst in my memory. Anything that has survived them is DEFINATELY hardy. The losses have been staggering.

With the continued drought, I will be selling seedlings this season. I will post pictures of them here on this website, but sales will be through the Lily Auction. My username is Earlybird. I will be listing them as they bloom, so the listing will change almost daily- check often.

Plants will be reserved ONLY upon receipt of payment. To assure reservation use Paypal when you place your order.

Many of the varieties listed are in very short supply. They will be removed from the site as they sell out, but you still may want to check with me before finalizing your order. Please read the ordering information as there have been a few changes.

Please browse this site and enjoy the flowers! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or if you just feel a need to 'talk daylilies', drop me a line at rcalderon@cox.net or give me a call at 620-640-7788. Enjoy & happy gardening!

Robin Calderon

Earlybird Daylilies  1313 Hattie Garden City, Kansas 67846  :  Phone 620-640-7788  :  rcalderon@cox.net

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